Hard copies of vital information on products, machinery and equipment can mean heavy lifting for the customer, especially when they involve reams of paper and sturdy binders that have to be manhandled and kept safe by operators – not to mention the cost of printing and materials.

Allotts’ expertise can help you shift from print to digital resources with innovative solutions such as dynamic QR Codes which allow anything from videos to operators’ manuals and compliance documentation to be accessed from the cloud – vast amounts of information held digitally that can make printing on paper redundant. A QR code attached to the cockpit of a crane, for instance, can be accessed from an operator’s smartphone if they need to troubleshoot or access the operator’s manual.

All documents can be kept digitally in one location and downloaded on demand using a simple QR reader on a smartphone or other device. The app comes with analytics so you can track how many times a code has been scanned, where it has been scanned and the type of device used – useful for keeping inventory under control. They can also be designed with the company logo so the brand is easily recognisable.

In contrast to the time and cost it takes to print off potentially hundreds if not thousands of documents, each QR Code takes around five to 10 minutes to produce, download and print in high resolution. Plus there’s no need to dispose of confidential paperwork once it’s out of date!

Content attached to each printed QR Code can be changed at any time – particularly useful when equipment has to be tested regularly or new machinery added. The new certificate can replace the old one attached to the QR Code, without having to reprint anything. The speed with which you can create the codes makes it an attractive solution for any size of firm.

To help put you on cloud nine with this exciting digital solution Allotts can set up the basic system as well as offer ongoing QR Code support and training. Interested in how QR Codes can change your business? Give us a call on +44 (0) 1423 867264 or +44 (0) 207 257 2017 .