Targeted Social Media Management

Grow and engage audiences, build community, raise brand awareness, and drive sales leads.

The true beauty of social media is that it gives you the power to reach and connect with audiences all over the world. This offers huge potential for your brand to be seen and heard by more people than ever before.

Did you know there are now over 100 social media sites and more than 3 billion people using them all over the world? But did you also realise that not all social media platforms are created equal, especially when it comes to communicating either business to business, or business to public sector.

And, you might think you’re doing okay on social. But are you really realising its full potential? Have you looked at what your competitors are doing on social lately? It could be a real eye opener?

As your social media agency, we’ll help guide you as to where to invest your time and money on social media to get the best possible return for your business. Working with you to align your social media marketing with your overall marketing strategy and business goals. We’ll identify the social media channels that best help you to reach your target markets, and create and deliver engaging social content, helping you to establish credibility, relevance and connect with the right people.

The key with social media is to be strategic – a scattergun approach won’t work. Plan it out. And be targeted – get smart about where to focus your efforts. That’s both in who you target and where they’re active.

Did you know that LinkedIn is the number 1 B2B social media channel?

It has more than 722 million members worldwide – that’s 675 million active users every month.

And in the UK alone there are 29 million users.

Think about how many buyers and decision makers you can target with paid and organic content on social.


Social media management services – organic and paid social

From strategy to execution and measurement across all social channels.

LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok.

  • Social media strategy
  • Set up
  • Tone of voice
  • Content planning and execution – posts, carousels, guides, videos, infographics and more
  • Channel management
  • Reporting
  • PPC campaigns
  • Paid social media ad campaigns
  • Second-chance advertising
  • Competitor analysis

Growing your reach through social media

Sometimes you might think there’s not much to say, or you’ll question “do my social followers really want to know this?”

Truth is there’s always something worth sharing. You just need to pitch it right. We’ll help with that by creating custom
organic and paid social media campaigns that hit the sweet spots with your audiences and drive more relevant traffic to your website.

There’s a whole lot of content that you can share with people to engage with them and convert them into customers:

  • Company, people and industry news and insights
  • New product launches
  • CSR activities
  • Innovations
  • Opinions on relevant news or topics
  • Information
  • Advice
  • Tips
  • Guides

Talk to our social media team today about a full organic and paid social media management service, or how we can add value to your existing social media activity.