Prepared for the Post Pandemic Boom?

The restrictions imposed across Europe to curb the spread of coronavirus have been hugely disruptive for businesses and a challenging time not least for our own agency.

However, global pandemics have historically laid the groundwork for economies to rebound strongly – so now is the time to start planning for the upturn.

Post Pandemic Recovery

Most of the evidence suggests that economies have quickly recovered from events like the Black Death (1347-1352), which paved the way for higher wages and literacy, and Spanish Flu (1918-19) – the following era being referred to as the roaring twenties.

There are already signs of a 1920s-style post pandemic boom for sectors like hospitality and services. Advance bookings in the UK indicate there is a lot of pent-up demand for holidays and people eager to dine out once it is safe to do so – these are activities that have been only postponed and not cancelled.

Technology platform-driven businesses have thrived during the pandemic, creating the likes of Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon and reportedly the richest man in the world. Meanwhile UK households saved around £17.5billion a month in the two 2020 lockdowns, a trend that is set to continue as people pay off debt and salt money away source– potentially cash just waiting to be splashed!

As vaccines are rolled out across Europe – the UK leading the way with more than 18 million people getting the first jab – and there is a gradual easing of restrictions, people will resume spending not investing. This will generate opportunities for companies and their suppliers, both directly and indirectly, in markets that have been paused, so are you ready for the bounce back?

How Allott and Associates Can Help With Your Comeback

Is your website fit for purpose or in need of a facelift or optimisation? Have you got the right marketing databases and relevant messages? Perhaps those blogs that you have been writing in lockdown can be turned into great press release material for circulation by Allott and Associates? You’ll get a publicity guarantee, as well as integration of content on social media platforms.

During lockdowns, the vast majority of people have been obeying the instructions designed to curb the spread of covid-19, but many of us are ready for the unlocking which is going to create unprecedented demand and economic activity. Don’t get caught out – call us on +44 (0) 1423 867264 or +44 (0) 207 257 2017 or visit the website at to sharpen up your marketing tools.