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The PR and marketing agency for B2B brands

Hi, we’re Allott and Associates, and we’re the PR and marketing agency for B2B brands.

We create multi-channel, co-ordinated PR and marketing campaigns that solve your business challenges, promote your brand, and help you to thrive.
An agency that…

    • Promotes your business.
    • Powers brand awareness.
    • Increases visibility.
    • Connects you with customers.
    • Reaches new audiences.
    • Builds your reputation.
    • Drives more sales.
    • Wins hearts and minds.

An agency that maximises every opportunity for you

Trusted advisors to B2B brands all over the world, because our approach to PR and marketing is simple.

We bring together expertise, insight, strategy, technical know-how and solutions to deliver high-impact, wide-reaching, fully integrated campaigns. And we guarantee results.

Specialists, not generalists

What sets us apart from any other B2B PR and marketing agency is our total focus on sectors that power our industries in the UK and globally.

When you choose us, you get a team of experts with a special set of integrated PR and marketing skills, honed over three decades of working with companies in niche sectors. These include, manufacturing, engineering, food machinery, food production, packaging materials, packaging machinery, pharmaceutical, plastics, logistics, chemicals, trade associations, farming and agriculture, power, oil and gas, construction, software, data centres, the public sector, and more.

An extension of your team

We’ll become an extension of your team. Acting as your torch bearer, hand holder, corporate mouthpiece, support service and champions. Or, simply support you with ad-hoc PR and marketing projects, as your consultants or delivery team.

Our team is invested in your success from the start, treating your business like our own. Listening, asking questions and really getting under the skin of your goals. With creativity and business insight at the heart of our delivery.

So that, whatever services you choose from us, we’ll help you meet your goals, put your audiences front and centre, and unlock plenty of value.

Our mission is to promote your business

Ruth Williams talks about why she chose Allott and Associates


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