Get Noticed With Outstanding B2B Public Relations

Targeted, focused and results-driven public relations – with Allotts’ PR Guarantee.

B2B public relations is at the heart of our services. It’s what Allott and Associates started out and has perfected. And our PR services are what clients continue to come back for – three decades later.

With deep and niche media relationships that set us apart from our peers, and really differentiate our offer, you benefit from the maximum possible publicity from every press release.

A great B2B public relations service creates targeted, highly-focused PR campaigns, builds enviable media lists and proactively distributes your PR to ensure maximum impact. We do all of this for you with extensive and honed PR databases that we create and manage. Plus, we’re always planning what to talk about next and searching for new PR opportunities for you every month.

And all of our PR services come with a Publicity Guarantee.


Proactive and reactive B2B public relations

With access to over 12,500 UK and 30,000 worldwide trade media contacts, we can accurately target and secure coverage in digital and print media that’s unique to your industry with professionally written editorial.

Crafted press releases to:

  • Promote your new products and services
  • Publicise events, innovations, and more
  • Establish your business as a market leader
  • Engage your audiences
  • Attract new targets
  • Help you enter new markets
  • Sell your business
  • Mitigate or manage a difficult situation

All you need to do is tell us what’s happening and our team of writers will ask all the right questions to unearth stories of interest, relevance and value.

Digital and traditional PR tactics are all about getting you noticed for the right reasons. We do that and deliver your PR campaigns with impact. And we know how important backlinks are as part of your digital marketing strategy. We’ll ensure that every press release includes backlinks , supporting your SEO efforts.

PR Media Relations

Building your brand visibility and reputation involves more than just positive publicity. Great media relations go much deeper and help to influence the opinions of your target audiences. In the world of B2B this typically includes business decision-makers as well as the wider public.

This is where we leverage our media contacts, including influencers, editors, journalists and publishers, for you, ensuring your messages are broadcast to the widest possible audiences, regularly.

Another key strength is arranging editorial site visits to show off your capability and vision. We’ll manage the itinerary, presentation and travel arrangements and ensure that we bring all the relevant editors and journalists to you so you get the best PR coverage.

Crisis management

No one wants an unexpected crisis, but they happen. A fire, injury, pollution issue, stock shortage, employee crisis – even an IT or data protection failure – can all attract unwanted bad publicity

We’ll help you to prepare for the unknown with a media crisis management plan so you can minimise any immediate impact. And help you to create an internal process so everyone knows what to do if a crisis does strike. And we’re here to support you during times of crisis management by talking to the media on your behalf and fielding calls. We can also train your senior team to navigate the trickiest of media questions.

The best piece of advice we can offer you right now is never leaving your crisis management plans to chance – take pre-planning action now.



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