To boost our international presence and take advantage of post Brexit opportunities in Germany and the UK, we have agreed a strategic alliance with marketing agency Möller Horcher Kommunikation GmbH with offices in Offenbach (near Frankfurt) and Freiberg (near Dresden).

Despite the huge impact Covid-19 is having on the international economy we are both specialists in the B2B food, packaging, machinery, logistics and software sectors. Our two agencies joining forces on selected projects to maintain momentum on the European stage will help businesses effectively communicate to their target sectors in both countries. We have already combined our respective talents on successful projects supporting a packaging company.

Specialists in B2B communications

Möller Horcher Managing Director, Gabriele Horcher, said: “In order to offer our clients competent and professional support in international communication, we were looking for a suitable partner. We found one in Allott and Associates because, like us, they also specialise in B2B communications and are very familiar with our clients’ issues.

“We know how valuable it is to have a local partner who has significant experience of the media landscape. Together, we will not only help companies communicate effectively in both countries, but also share content in our corporate blogs and newsletters.”

Möller Horcher has many years of comprehensive know-how in B2B communications. The agency recently celebrated its 20th anniversary and rebranded from Public Relations to Kommunikation, reflecting its expanded area of expertise.

Our Managing Director Philip Allott added: “It’s a coming together of minds as both agencies are optimistic about 2021 with good opportunities for the UK and Germany. As two independent agencies working in partnership where appropriate on UK/German projects, we can only double up the benefits to both our current and future clients.”

For more information please give Allott and Associates Ltd a call on +44 (0) 1423 867264 or +44 (0) 207 257 2017 or visit the website at Möller Horcher Kommunikation can be contacted on +49 (0)69 809096 50 or visit the website at