More than two-thirds of manufacturers (67%) have accelerated their adoption of digital technologies as result of the Coronavirus pandemic. That’s according to a major new report published by The Manufacturer and IBM (check it out here).

Digitalisation, which is now included as standard by Allotts as part of its PR and marketing packages, often means different things to our clients. For some of our clients who are utilising cutting-edge technology like harnessing the internet of things (IoT) to drive costs down, they want digital marketing support that mirrors their own efforts. Others want help with webinars, support with live streaming and even QR codes.

Whilst there is no single silver marketing bullet, one thing is for certain – the pandemic has opened up new ways of working, and many of them rely on digital solutions. Not unrealistically many of our clients want increased digital marketing solutions which is why we have further strengthened our internal digital team.

To support clients, we use a combination of integrated marketing techniques such as building backlinks into PR material to help with optimisation, posting post-publicity content onto clients’ social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter together with website backlinks, directly onto clients’ websites and into quarterly digital newsletters and even new business mailers. This means that despite the plethora of multiple marketing outlets most business to business channels are covered, enabling clients to enjoy marketing across a rich sea of different digital promotional vessels.

The digital revolution

The economy may have been disrupted much of last year, but we have seen a huge contrast between businesses that are digitally savvy and those still making that transition. By outsourcing the most appropriate tools from our 360-degree marketing service, clients can take advantage of the digital marketing revolution to build a more resilient and successful future.

In times of economic turmoil and rapid change resilience is key. It is critical to rethink business models and find a flexible solution. Those that don’t act risk being left behind by the competition.

You might not be able to predict the future but you can consider the unique needs of your business – with Allotts’ help. We can review your business model, look at what your competitors are doing and explain where digital marketing changes would be beneficial. Well worth arranging an initial free consultation!

Boundaries are becoming blurred by digital more than ever thanks to new technologies. Let Allotts take you on a journey that will not only ensure you have the right digital strategy in place, but that it is executed effectively to reap the greatest rewards.

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