Websites For Businesses – First Impressions Count

Want to boost your sales? Stand out from your competition? Make a great first impression? First stop – get a good website.

When people are searching for your products and services online your website is usually the first thing people see. You need a good website to convince people to choose you, and stop them from looking elsewhere.

Allott and Associates offer a range of website services including building websites for businesses from scratch, facelifts to existing websites, upgrades, maintenance, hosting, licensing, content creation and SEO.

Have an older website that doesn’t display properly on iPads and other handheld devices? Why not let us convert it for you.


Do websites for businesses really matter?

The short answer is, yes.

It’s true that B2B is still largely face-to-face. Talking to your clients and prospects and building strong relationships before selling to them is crucial. But your website acts as an anchor for your marketing. It promotes your products and services and helps you to reach new customers and keep the ones you already have.

Your website says a lot about you too.

Even if your business was discovered at a trade show, through a referral, an advert, or some content, your prospects will ‘Google’ you. And they’ll visit your website to check you out. Meaning that your website is an important touch point along the B2B customer journey.

Your website needs to deliver on several levels to convince people to do business with you, demonstrating that you:

  • Have what they want or need
  • Will help solve their problems
  • Can help them grow
  • Offer quality and value for money
  • Provide excellent customer service
  • Are the business they should want to buy from.

And that’s a minimum. What also matters is that you have a cause, a story to tell, that you care about people and the environment, operate ethically and can add value.

Your website shapes what people think and feel about your brand. It builds credibility. Therefore, you can use it to position yourself in a way that markets to the exact type of customers you want.

And there are other factors to consider that require website expertise:

User experience– a site that’s easy to use, gives visitors the information they need, enables them to make decisions and influences their response (perceptions and emotions).

Loading speed– too slow and you’ll lose visitors very quickly.

Design– photography, typography, layout, colours, videos, text and space all need to be used in ways that make your site visually appealing.

Navigation– how you help people find their way around your site is important. If you don’t consider the navigation how are people going to find the information you want them to see and make an informed decision?

Responsiveness– responsive web design involves creating a flexible layout so your website adapts to different screen sizes. Ensuring your website is responsive saves money because you only need one website, helping you to also reach more customers and generate more leads.

Content – when it comes to website content quality, and relevance are crucial. And it needs to be optimized for search.

Website services

At Allotts, we create lots of websites for businesses. Our services include:

  • Website audits
  • Website design
  • Website build
  • Website content creation
  • SEO
  • Website hosting and maintenance

Why not get a website quote from Allott and Associates today?

It may be far more competitive than you think.