Creative Video and Animation Storytelling

Bringing your stories to life through compelling video and animation

If video and animation aren’t central to your marketing campaigns right now, they should be. Particularly when it comes to your website and social media channels.

Video content is in demand – everyone is watching, engaging, sharing it – and BUYING because of it. So, if you’re not creating or using it to its full potential, you’re in danger of being left behind.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, video will be the top investment for B2B in 2022. It was the number one format marketers used in their content strategy in 2021, according to Hubspot’s State of Marketing Report, 2021.

And with 87% of video marketers saying that video has increased traffic to their website, and directly increased sales, you can see why it should be a priority for your business.


Video and animation for brand awareness and sales

The good news is you don’t have to have a big budget for it either. In fact, raw video content is the way to go as what matters to audiences is authenticity. Shooting and posting video content with your smartphone is really cost-effective. Videos are great for driving brand credibility, awareness, fostering customer loyalty and generating sales leads too.

We have scriptwriters, art directors, editors, and motion and production specialists who can create your video or animation from scratch, or edit existing material.

  • Location shoots
  • Studio shoots
  • User-generated video
  • Video snippets
  • Corporate films
  • Social media videos

How does video and animation production work?

It all starts with understanding your communication goals and then forming a video or animation idea for how to achieve them. Our job is to transform your goals and messages into an interesting and entertaining visual story.

As a marketing agency, we understand more than most the importance of delivering clear and concise messages, with good creative and attention to detail.

We can produce creative and informative digital film footage, for YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, LinkedIn, corporate DVDs, phone applications, websites and even television to help you showcase your services and reel in new business. Video production is also extremely useful to showcase products, services, locations, teams at work, customer success stories and more. Digital footage is ideal for demonstrating often-complex industrial processes in a matter of seconds. And we’ll manage the entire process from storyboard to finished footage.


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