Don’t Let a Crisis Catch You Out

Whilst companies have been focused on fire-fighting the coronavirus pandemic, they may have taken their eye off the ball regarding other potential business risks. B2B PR and marketing agency Allott and Associates (Allotts) is urging businesses to re-evaluate their crisis management plans, to see if they are still fit for purpose.

Is Your B2B Crisis Management Plan Fit for Purpose?

In the event of an emergency such as a fatality or fire at work do you have a pre-prepared communication plan? What the public health crisis has taught us is that business continuity can be turned upside down in a flash by an unforeseen incident.

Allotts helps clients fight their corner in the event of a crisis with business resilience planning using the four Rs as a reference – risk reduction, readiness, response and recovery – to protect a company’s reputation or ability to operate.

Pre-preparation is critical, especially if the incident attracts the attention of the media, where everything becomes time sensitive. The space for creating appropriate measured responses is limited, if not non-existent, resulting in either ‘no comment’ to the press or inappropriate responses sometimes even from staff who should not be involved (such as shop floor employees).

B2B crisis management discussions

Our Crisis Management Service

Working closely with clients on their crisis management plan, Allotts helps prepare media responses for each of the four risks. These would be crafted in such a way that incident details can be quickly added and then issued. It would involve a planning session on site or by video conference to work through the likely scenarios and appropriate responses.

Allotts can also provide supporting media training based on three different circumstances. This would include door stepping TV, radio, hostile journalist and studio interview. Topics would cover first warnings of a crisis, activation and the media process.

Managing Director of the agency, Philip Allott, said: “Pre-preparation for responding promptly to a crisis and using the right terminology to close down a discussion, rather than inflaming a situation, is critical to regaining control of the media narrative. The pandemic has taught us to take nothing for granted and how the lack of a crisis management plan can exacerbate any situation.”

Our Marketing Agency

The agency delivers 360⁰ international marketing services providing business to business (B2B) consultancy specialising in strategic, targeted marketing support encompassing public relations, social media and digital marketing. Its customer base includes companies in the food, logistics, machinery, engineering and manufacturing sectors.

Allotts uses its broad expertise to create bespoke crisis management plans that help businesses reach out to their customers and the wider community during an incident, which could have serious repercussions for their operations if allowed to spiral out of control.