New Business Support Launched for GDPR Issues

Allott and Associates has launched a crucial free document review service in a bid to help businesses make sure they are totally compliant with the rigours of GDPR. Despite the huge publicity surrounding last year’s EU data protection regulation and the continuation of its validity post-Brexit, recent surveys show that nearly half of companies admit they might not be fully compliant with all the rigours of GDPR yet.

One poll found that data sprawl is proving to be a barrier to compliance with the average large UK business reliant on 24 systems to manage and store personal data, with one in five using over 40 systems to do so.

Allott and Associates’ GDPR practitioner Philip Allott commented: “In summary, GDPR increases the accountability of any business or person processing personal data. It imposes responsibilities with a requirement for compliance to be adhered to and demonstrated at all times. Data processing transparency is key, as are the various obligations which regulate information, access and communication with the data subject. Whether this proves to be an easy exercise largely depends on how well businesses tackle this and what professional support is put in place. Companies must review and adapt their internal processes to incorporate the legislation or ultimately face complaints to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)and potential fines.”

Allotts is offering professional support for companies who still have doubts about their GDPR compliance with a free document review service. It permits companies to submit up to three items such as privacy notices, processing agreements and employment contracts for scrutiny. The overview will tell them if the documents are GDPR compliant or if further work will be needed to resolve any outstanding matters. It also opens up the possibility of being able to discuss, with a fully qualified GDPR practitioner, any other worries that firms may currently be experiencing while trying to achieve compliance.

Allotts has already helped hundreds of companies with their GDPR compliance journey and sees this free, no obligation, offer as a way to help others achieve GDPR compliance.

For more information contact our northern office: + 44 (0) 1423 867 264 or our southern office: + 44 (0) 207 257 2017.