Allotts Looks Beyond UK Borders for Business Growth

As official figures from the ONS(1) show that UK exports increased by 10.4% over the last year, B2B PR and marketing specialist Allott and Associates is keen to concur after the agency added yet another overseas client to its multi-national roster.

Allotts credits insightful forward planning around the 2016 Brexit vote for its more recent diversification into overseas markets, which now account for a significant proportion of revenue. This impressive international growth encompasses a very varied geographical spread ranging from the USA, Australia, Thailand and Turkey (home of the latest new client) to a number closer to home in Europe. The type of client serviced by Allotts is as diverse as the countries themselves: from ingredient and packaging specialists to risk assessment and gas process systems, the agency has succeeded in delivering bespoke packages for all its overseas partners including digital and PR campaigns, social media and online content.

Managing director Philip Allott explained: “I am delighted to see how well our international strategy has paid dividends despite a somewhat uncertain business climate. Much of our success lies in our ability to anticipate demand within our target markets, our willingness to travel for face to face meetings – and having the digital technology to reach out to and on behalf of businesses in a way that suits them. Our depth of experience across multiple sectors also plays a key role as we have the confidence to deliver on our promises, and our international clients will all bear testament to that.”

The agency delivers 360⁰ international marketing services – providing business to business (B2B) and public sector consultancy specialising in strategic, targeted marketing support encompassing public relations, social media and digital marketing.

Allotts uses its broad expertise to create bespoke PR & marketing packages that help businesses reach out to their customers and prospects wherever they are and whatever their first language. The agency’s focus is on complementing and enhancing the work of existing marketing departments or, in the case of smaller businesses, engaging as an external partner to provide PR and marketing skills to support in-house sales teams.

For more information and a bespoke quotation on any aspect of our business, please give Allott and Associates Ltd a call on +44 (0) 1423 867264.