Allotts Spreads the Word with New Social Media Deal

Allott and Associates has been appointed an authorised platinum partner for SoAmpli. This enables the agency to promote and lease pioneering software that allows the sharing of social media content by supporters and employees across multiple social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter – and further strengthens its social media marketing services for 2019.

The software allows a single post to be multiplied more than a thousand times and is a fantastic method of post sharing that is perfect for firms, charitable organisations, trade associations and large corporations, in fact anywhere there is a common set of values.

The agency, which has specialised in delivering B2B PR and marketing across the food, beverage, packaging, engineering, logistics, printing, pharmaceutical and trade association sectors for over 20 years, has recently significantly increased its investment in digital technology. This enables clients to run fully integrated campaigns that exploit digital platforms and are specially designed to create maximum PR and marketing impact.

SoAmpli, owned by Force 24, is a digital platform that aims to turn all company employees into savvy social sellers. It has won awards for its multichannel influence, listening and sharing capabilities, and is used by brands including Rentokil Initial, British Heart Foundation and DAZN. It takes the integration of communications between social media platforms to the next level.

Basically, SoAmpli serves as a content hub where relevant party posts can be curated and stored. Employees connect their social networks, filter on popular posts, and then re-post the content out to their audiences. It is a way of amplifying the message to a wide audience very quickly. There is a leader board so businesses can see which people are most engaged and which have the greatest social reach.

From a practical perspective, the benefits of this type of approach can be impressive. For example, Save the Children calculated that SoAmpli allowed them to reach an audience over 300 times greater than prior to using the platform.

Licences for social media sharing through SoAmpli are available for just a few pounds per user per week based on an annual contract. Contact Allotts to arrange a free demo and trial.

Allotts’ managing director, Philip Allott commented: ”Our digitally integrated agency is now using the convergence of technology to bring opportunities for B2B and trade association clients that were previously unimaginable or unobtainable. At Allotts, we always aim to be at the forefront of development in our industry and therefore SoAmpli is a perfect fit for the business.”

Business strategy is evolving faster than ever thanks to new technologies, and those companies that are able to take advantage of integrated marketing strategies and include both traditional and digital channels will likely reap the greatest rewards.

If you would like more information on any of Allotts’ traditional or digital PR and marketing services contact our northern office: + 44 (0) 1423 867 264 or our southern office: + 44 (0) 207 257 2017.