What Does EU GDPR Mean for Your Marketing Strategy?

The EU’s GDPR law has changed the way in which businesses can market themselves to European companies. It is the toughest data protection policy in the world and therefore, marketing to these potential prospects faces businesses with unique challenges.


EU GDPR Policies

For email marketing purposes it is essential to determine whether your prospects are from countries with opt-out, single opt-in or double opt-in policies. Countries such as Finland operate under a opt-out policy so companies can be sent B2B email marketing campaigns as there is a legitimate commercial interest between parties.

Single opt-in and double opt-in countries are slightly more complicated as you have to gain the consent of prospects before sending them any marketing campaigns. In the cases of Germany and Switzerland you must gain their consent on two occasions to be able to market to these prospects. For many businesses, an alternative approach must be taken to achieve their marketing goals…

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Adapting Your Marketing Strategy

One solution is to use Google Ads as you do not have to gain consent to market to prospects using this form of marketing. This is particularly beneficial for those double opt-in countries. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising allows you to achieve your marketing goals of increasing brand awareness, boosting customer engagement or growing conversions whilst avoiding the extra steps needed to conform to GDPR laws with email marketing.

Our Google Ads Results

Allotts has had particular success in Germany with our client’s advertising campaigns. Between December 2022 and January 2023, Allotts was able to increase our client’s Google Ad impressions by 3839%. Cost per click also decreased by 53% and that’s just for one campaign.

bar chart showing success of the Google Ads campaign

In the two other campaigns for this client we achieved 550% growth in ad impressions for one campaign and 308% growth in the other campaign. Cost per click dropped 41% and 59% in each respective campaign as well.

In just one month our client gained nearly 650,000 more ad impressions and their cost per click dropped by over 50% on average across all campaigns. As brand awareness was the aim for these campaigns, our client was extremely pleased with the results Allotts was able to deliver.

Our Pay-Per-Click Service

Does this sound of interest to your business?

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Allotts offers PPC advertising across many different platforms. This includes advertising on LinkedIn, Google and Facebook just to name a few.

Developing a marketing strategy that achieves great results is simple and efficient with Allotts. Our PPC specialists work with your business to define your campaign goals and create bespoke ads that help increase your business’ visibility. We will also monitor your campaigns and provide reports with ad recommendations to make sure your campaigns remain as competitive as possible.

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