What Are The Benefits Of Social Media Advertising?

Paid social media advertising is a great way to target the right customers, especially in B2B. Did you know that 95% of B2B marketers use social media in their content marketing plan?

How can Social Media Advertising work for your business?

The key is to be strategic (what you want to achieve) and creative (how you want to achieve it) with your content. For many businesses, paid marketing brings one of the highest returns on investment (ROI). B2B buyers typically need to be educated on your product or service whilst being offered information about your company. Plus, your paid social advertising needs to be found at the top of your audiences’ feed pages.

Social media platforms are an excellent way to build your brand reputation online. LinkedIn is the no.1 platform for B2B and is an ideal place to target specific customers. Paid social advertising guarantees gives you the option to target specific areas (by postcode, for example), specific people (by job title, for example) or people who are interested in a similar product or service. Setting up your advertising account on LinkedIn is simple and effective and contains in-depth options for targeting. Similarly with Facebook, you are able to pick and choose your goals and who you are targeting. Paid social advertising helps businesses find new ways of interacting with different audiences.

By boosting your content visibility, advertising immediately strengthens your brands’ credibility by engaging your prospect and clients online. It increases brand awareness by getting to the forefront of people’s minds and making an impression.

LinkedIn retargeting and Google Analytics

LinkedIn retargeting attaches a widget to the backend of your website, then when someone who visits your website, visits LinkedIn, your ad is in their feed. A gentle reminder of your company, a friendly ‘hello’, encourage them to follow you or to follow a link back to your website, perhaps to read a blog.  You just need to install the LinkedIn Insight Tag and you are ready to go!

Social media tracking through Google Analytics is essentially a way of keeping an eye on your conversion rates, your measurables or any product information. It gives you a deeper understanding of your industry and your brand. The best feature about Google Analytics, is that it shows you real-time visits and a list from the most viewed web page to the least.

google analytics

Why we recommend Facebook and LinkedIn advertising

We mentioned earlier that LinkedIn is the no.1 platform for B2B, but why is that?

Well, as LinkedIn offers many services and products, it is also suitable for networking with peers. This platform is extremely good for generating high-quality leads and sharing trust-worthy information. Furthermore, it showcases your business’ accomplishments and what you have achieved.

Running Facebook campaigns is great for growing your audience and generating leads. Facebook advertising allows you to re-target your most potential customers. This is a powerful way to drive more conversions. The Facebook Ads Manager is easy to use for re-targeting website visitors, or business page visitors. Also letting you create lookalike audiences based on demographics.

Overall, using paid social media advertising gives you assured results more than relying on organic social media. If you are keen to build leads and visitors to your pages, paying that little bit extra can be worth it.

The use of videos in social media marketing

From the early days of television commercials in 1941, videos have become a powerful tool in marketing and advertising. Research has shown that viewers retain around 95% of a video message, compared to only 10% when reading text. Video content is an easy way to communicate a story and many people remember a video or infographic that contains bold text, colours and images – not lots of writing. It is another method of influencing your followers.

people watching video

SMART Targets

Have you implemented SMART targets in your marketing plan? From analysing your measurables and conversion rates, take a minute to think if your objectives are specific? Are they measurable/trackable? Are they achievable? Are they realistic objectives and attainable? And have you organised a time-frame? In marketing, SMART targets are brilliant for observing ways to achieve better results and ensuring you will have tangible and measurable performance results.

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