UK Manufacturing – Reasons to Be Cheerful?

Manufacturing is vital to the nation’s economic prosperity. With an annual output of £183 billion (Make UK), the UK remains the ninth largest manufacturing nation in the world.

How much do you know about manufacturing in the UK?

Despite the major headwinds buffeting the manufacturing sector the UK is still very capable of producing quality goods so let’s debunk the myth that Britain doesn’t make things anymore. Sure, a lot of low value high volume goods have left these shores for the cheaper manufacturing hubs of South East Asia. However, there is still a strong global demand for made in the UK.

British beer and Scotch Whiskey are exported to bars all over the world, while we’re an important producer of packaging, food, textiles, pharmaceuticals and chemicals. Planes, trains and automobiles are other vital industrial items that boost the nation’s economy. It’s no wonder manufacturing is expected to be integral to the UK’s economic recovery.

Women working in factory

More eye-watering facts from (Make UK): UK manufacturing provides 2.5million jobs, workers are paid 12% higher wages than the whole economy, 51% of the UK’s total exports is goods, manufacturing is 64% of all UK business R&D and 15% of total business investment.

The Impact of Brexit on UK Manufacturing

In the face of the exit from the European Union and the resultant supply chain challenges, EU members still take up four of the top six export destinations, proof indeed that made in Britain is still a slogan associated with high-value quality across the globe. The world’s economic powerhouses United States, top of the pile, and China make up the other two.

To navigate their way through challenging times and economic bumps, many UK manufacturers are pushing ahead with modernisation using automation, robotics and extended reality. Embracing new technology will make them more efficient, build resilience, increase their productivity and grow substantially.

Global Aspirations for UK Manufacturers

UK manufacturers are seeking new export opportunities and are becoming increasingly global in their ambitions. We at Allotts have noticed this trend with more businesses deploying our marketing skills and extensive experience to help generate growth from overseas markets.

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Globalisation is the name of the game and if we all hold our nerve these are set to be exciting times for UK manufacturers. Which means that businesses in the sector need a strong, recognisable, highly visible and influential brand. Allotts can help achieve that.