Twitter – instant news at the touch of a #

Twitter zoomed back into the media spotlight recently, tweeting its own news that the company had earned more than $1billion (£770million) in revenue last quarter, a landmark financial figure for the social media giant – with the possibility of that tweet reaching well over 50 million people globally!

Though traditional news channels are far from redundant, in the 21st Century social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are becoming the No 1 source of news for many people and businesses because tweets are instant on their mobile devices, laptops and tablets.

Take the recent terrorist attack in Streatham: news of the stabbings, pictures and videos of the unfolding incident were trending on social media platforms before the terrestrial and satellite TV channels picked up on the story – and they probably got wind of it through Twitter!

Thankfully incidents like the Streatham outrage are rare but the power of Twitter isn’t and, by introducing some creative thinking into trending hashtag posts, businesses can double or quadruple the impact of their marketing messages.

The upcoming Foodex show for example has a Twitter handle #FDX2020 – perfect for companies exhibiting at the NEC to share links to their show page and snapshots of information, delivering their message to an even bigger audience that they’re going to be there and ready to do business.

Allotts delivers cost-effective social media services as part of an integrated package of marketing activities. We are an international agency providing precise tracking and analysis of activities on sites such as Twitter. With the right commitment and service provider companies can benefit from being seen by their target audiences as dynamic, interactive and relevant.

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