To ChatGPT or Not to ChatGPT, That is the Question

The Dawn of AI Platforms

After the growth of ChatGPT, it can be so tempting to use AI platforms to get pressing work finished. Imagine you have a deadline coming up for three or four different features and blogs, you’re juggling your time as best you can, but the inbox isn’t getting any smaller. Then someone comes along with a vision, a small start-up creates an open AI. It interacts in a conversational way, produces content with just a few prompts, and is getting smarter and better with every use and update. Bring it on!

robot using ChatGPT on a tablet

But here’s the thing, AI models like ChatGPT are trained using information already available online, and a lot of it is copyrighted. It’s almost like everything it produces is plagiarised.

Adapting to ChatGPT and Other Open AIs

AI Images

Many industries, including marketing and education, are having to adapt to platforms such as ChatGPT at lightning speed. With every passing week the ability to tell the difference between AI generated content and human produced content is waning. There is a storming trend on Reddit around the image-generating AI MidJourney. Users are asking other users to try and tell the difference between a real photograph and an AI generated image. Like heads or tails, it’s a 50/50 chance rather than a clear outcome.

face of a robot

Other AI Generated Content

Written content produced by AI tends to be a little easier to differentiate (Phew). You may recall the AI generated movie script (nothing to fear from that). In an AI generated version of the perfect man and woman, the bias could be a combination of factors, and does it matter? Perhaps only if we believe it. Creating AI generated music and songs is under scrutiny for creating songs that sound similar to the voice of another artist, yet are scoring millions of listens or views. Is this the same as ‘passing off’ or is it a breach of copyright? Some businesses are already lining up to take advantage of the AI revolution, and are not considering the impacts on society.

robot playing the piano

Will Using ChatGPT Infringe on Copyright Laws?

An entire group of writers are currently on strike in America and they are striking because they fear what AI will do to creative industries in the future if it continues unregulated. But technology can be a wonderful thing, after all, without it we wouldn’t have radio, television, or YouTube. The technology needs to be applied correctly and fairly, with consideration for how industries can adapt and control the content it produces.

Does Allotts use ChatGPT?

Allott and Associates don’t use AI platforms such as ChatGPT to generate content. We do it the old-fashioned way, with fingers clacking on keyboards after a content writer has been briefed by a client, interviewed the relevant parties, brainstormed ideas, and researched the topic. It sounds like a lot of work because it is. Good content takes time.

Our mix of skills and views enables our creativity. We have mature, young, experienced writers with different political beliefs and different industry backgrounds. Some are university educated, some are apprentices. At Allott and Associates we believe that to make the best content for your marketing strategy requires the best blend of differences, not a bundle of zeros and ones.