SMEs: the new YouTubers

YouTube has traditionally been a place where we go to shut our minds off. We find weird and
wonderful videos of animals doing funny things, and 20 minutes later we’ve been sucked into
a YouTube black hole.

But if that’s all you’ve been using it for, it’s time to think again.

As the second largest search engine on the internet and with over 1 billion unique users –
that’s almost a third of all people on the internet – YouTube could be the social media platform
that your company is missing. Using video is not a new concept in the marketing world, but
with vloggers and ‘YouTubers’ rising to fame, it would appear that video is more influential
than ever.

People and brands are being connected via videos and that’s what’s new. Bringing your
product, service and brand to life is a way to build and reinforce trust with your customer that
glossy, edited still image marketing has lost.

Social media has always benefitted from visual stimuli but YouTube opens up the possibility
of a real connection. Customers interact with its content – they can replay the video, pause it,
share it and comment on it. It can be an informative tool for both parties – client and business

Some key opportunities businesses can take advantage of include being able to:

• Showcase products/services through explainers, webinars and presentations

• Demonstrate expertise

• Give a behind the scenes look – to gain trust and build rapport

• Showcase customer testimonials

• Offer video tutorials

• Engage with customers’ feedback and offer support through comments sections

Whatever the size of your business, bringing your product or service to life on YouTube allows
you to engage with those customers in a way that more traditional marketing tactics may not
reach. We believe that businesses in any sector should get creative and make themselves the
star of their own show on YouTube.

As of January 2017, the UK’s active social media users reached 42 million – that’s a lot of
interactions to be missing out on. Is your business ready for its vital few seconds of fame yet?

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