How to motivate your employees and show them appreciation

Will a Shout Out for the Workers Boost Productivity?

With a nod to National Employee Appreciation day we look at how to motivate your workforce whether your have 4 staff or 400.

B2B marketing experts Allott and Associates doesn’t limit appreciation of its workforce to a single day but let’s take a slightly tongue-in-cheek approach to motivation and a brief reference to National Employee Appreciation Day which fell on March 3 this year.

Do employers fall over themselves proving to the great unwashed how much their efforts are appreciated? Thanking every employee by creating recognition experiences all year round, not just  on Employee Appreciation Day, can foster a loyalty culture – all for one and one for all makes for happy and usually productive workers.

Employees jumping in their office

Fair pay can boost employee appreciation. Some top companies will provide a box at Old Trafford for a Manchester United football match, a spa experience or private healthcare to name a few ideas to keep workers satisfied with their lot. But sometimes a slap on the back or a word of encouragement will also do for appreciating a job well done.

Drawing a faded reference to Valentine’s Day…do you tell your wife, husband, partner, boyfriend, girlfriend that you appreciate them with some fine dining only on February 14 or shout out your undying love every day every month or even quite randomly when you want something!  Relationships, whether business or pleasure need work to nurture and maintain fulfillment for the long-term.

Without human emotions a business wouldn’t function properly – robots don’t cut it in the emotional stakes. Team bonding exercises like a regular night out for everyone to get sozzled at the company’s expense work for some, while others express employee appreciation by keeping up a constant supply of tea and biscuits.

Striking the Right Note

‘Strike, strike, strike why do we bother’ (are you old enough to remember that line from 1970s TV hit Fawlty Towers?) there was not much employee appreciation back then if they were on the picket lines. But here we are in the 21st Century and it’s a re-run with cost-of-living crisis prompting union members to withdraw labour from the rail industry, the NHS, Royal Mail, the education sector and even Amazon.

A perceived lack of employee appreciation can result in workers taking industrial action or for others to question why they are working beyond the call of duty to keep an SME afloat in these difficult economic times.

Appreciated employees are more likely to stay. As a family-run marketing firm, we recognise the different talents our team bring to the party. We’re not shy in shouting out our employees as obviously playing a big part in winning work for the company.  We believe that they are our best asset and value them by striving to provide the right conditions and rewards for doing the best job for the agency’s clients.

Team Selection

In order to stay ahead of the game and increase share of the market, Allotts appreciates it’s necessary to be reactive to ongoing developments. By working with Allotts, you can be assured that your marketing will be looked after by a motivated team that prides itself as specialists in understanding the different sectors.

With purse strings tightening, showing appreciation to employees, even for just a day by dishing out yummy jam donuts, might not be the same as financial remuneration but can still foster strong employee relationships. Especially if the heavy lifting of public relations and marketing activity is outsourced to experts like Allott and Associates.