Mistakes to Avoid When Exhibiting at the PPMA Show 2023

What is the PPMA?

The PPMA is a trade association for companies that supply process and packaging machinery in the UK and overseas.

Established in 1987, the association hosts multiple trade shows every year and also has close associations with certain trade publications. These include:

PPMA Show 2023

The biggest trade show that the PPMA hosts every year is the PPMA show. Held at the NEC in Birmingham, this is the UK’s largest event for processing equipment, packaging machinery, industrial robots and machine vision systems.

Registration to attend or exhibit at the PPMA show is now open.

People attending the PPMA show 2023

3 Mistakes to Avoid at the PPMA Show

If you’re exhibiting at the PPMA show in 2023, avoid these 3 common mistakes. This will help you to maximise your lead generation efforts and build your brand’s authority.

1. You Fail to Adequately Promote Your Attendance

The first (and biggest) mistake to avoid is not adequately promoting that you are exhibiting at the show. With over 350 businesses exhibiting at the PPMA show, making sure that potential customers know that you’re there is crucial. Also include your stand number so that visitors can make a beeline to you once they enter the exhibition hall.

We find that the following tried and tested techniques are the best way to maximise the publicity you receive for attending a trade show…

Tell the Trade Press You Are Attending the PPMA Show 2023

A great way to engage with your target audience is to get an article published in the trade press. You can share your industry expertise in a feature article or publicise the new product or service you’re launching at the PPMA show in a press release. Writing a killer case study is also popular with the trade press.

new product launch of a conveyor belt

Whether your business niche is in manufacturing, engineering or robotics, there are many trade publications that target your ideal customer.

And Spread the Word on Your Social Media

Don’t forget social media! This is another powerful platform for increasing your target audience’s awareness of your attendance at the PPMA show.

Allotts recommends including relevant hashtags such as #ppma and #ppma2023 to get your posts seen by PPMA show attendees.

You could also include posts that:

  • Showcase your trade show stand design.
  • Show you packing up your stand banners to travel to the NEC.
  • Tease the launch of your new machine at the PPMA show.

Also post during the trade show so that people who are attending the show can get excited about seeing your business offering.

social media post of a new machine

2. Your Stand is Uninviting and Uninspiring

First impressions count! So make sure your stand looks attractive and contains all essential information about your business. This includes the company name, a contact number and email address, and your website.

If you have a smaller stand at the PPMA show, we recommend you include:

  • A banner that showcases the most popular service or newest product you have to offer.
  • Business cards that include a personal email. Bonus points if this is your business development or sales manager.
  • Something visitors can take with them. This could be a free pen, a leaflet or some branded chocolates. It will help your brand stay in their memory after the show.
  • Seating so that prospects have a comfortable place to sit for a discussion.

For larger stands there is more space to push the boat out. Some extravagant displays Allotts has seen at previous shows include:

  • A pick and place robotic arm playing solitaire.
  • A live production line of patty forming machinery. Plasticine was used instead of meat to create the burger patties.
  • Real time heat sealing of pouch shaped packaging

robotic arm at ppma show

3. You Didn’t Contact Prospects Before the Show

Reaching out personally to your prospects with a mailer campaign before the show is the ultimate way to generate leads whilst at the PPMA show.

This puts you ahead of your competition by making your prospects aware of your brand before the trade show. It also allows you to build some rapport with your prospects. This increases their likelihood of engaging with you at the show and working with you in the future.

Need Some Trade Show Assistance?

If you’re exhibiting at the PPMA show 2023, Allotts is here to help. We can assist with everything from stand support to press releases to social media management.

So, if you’re interested in trade show support or would like to find out more about the PR service that we offer, please get in touch.