Earning While Learning Is A Balancing Act With Benefits

Allotts’ Georgie Martin takes a look at Learning at Work 2022. A campaign that has been set up to build cultures at work and aims to focus on the importance of learning and developing your skills.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) show a 27% increase in the number of higher apprenticeships in the first quarter of the 2021-22 academic year, compared to the previous 12 months.

Apprenticeships are becoming more popular as there are so many different and diverse roles available – there is something for everyone. Apprenticeships are also being recognised by many businesses as equal to degrees. They help young people learn on the job, in my case marketing. I can show background knowledge of systems and databases and what is required to work in a marketing agency, for example.

Why I chose an apprenticeship?

With the availability of apprenticeships increasing, it can be easy choosing a course that is right for you. I chose an apprenticeship over going to university because I was keen to start my marketing career sooner rather than later. Along with the experience I’m gaining at Allotts I have off-the-job training each week which works well because it allows me to use the knowledge I have to help improve my off-site learning and assignments.

Benefits of my apprenticeship and for others it may be the same too:

  • After one year I will have gained valuable experience in a marketing agency
  • I have developed my skills and knowledge in using certain software and databases
  • It helps the business to have a new person with a fresh perspective and new ideas that can benefit the business
  • You get hands-on experience

Allotts has a history of hiring apprentices to help kickstart their career in marketing such as, Evan who did an apprenticeship at Allott’s three years ago and is now a Senior Marketing Executive! He started his marketing career early too and continues to build his experience at Allotts.

Where to find apprenticeships

For more information on apprenticeships or if you are interested in applying for an apprenticeship here are some useful resources:

Government – https://bit.ly/3PohzI8

Not Going To Uni – https://bit.ly/3syrocD

UCAS – https://bit.ly/3wjpleS

VQ Solutions – https://bit.ly/3NmOrzb