360-degree Marketing for the Packaging Industry

Promoting packaging equipment can be challenging. Competition is high between machinery companies, and despite the vast amount of produce and non-food items packaged in the UK, the market is relatively small.

In terms of reaching out to the bigger producers (i.e.- those with 50+ employees), did you know for example, that there are only 30 large-scale poultry processors and 17 large-scale cheese producers in the UK?

With competition like that, it’s essential that you get a measurable return on your marketing investment, and get the message out there in multiple formats.

Allotts can offer you 360-degree integrated marketing, which makes the most of every opportunity, getting your messages out loud and clear by using a multi-pronged approach.

Let’s say for instance, you’ve just won a new contract, supplying your machinery to a producer of ready-meals. We’ll write the content, turning this into a great story perhaps in the form of a customer case-study, and then once approved, circulate it to all the relevant digital trade magazines, traditional printed media and self-publishing platforms with a publicity guarantee. But here’s the big thing, other ready meals producers will read the article in publications like Food Processing & Packaging and if they need a machine likely place an enquiry.

The editorial article is also immediately turned into a LinkedIn post by Allotts, uploaded and then backlinked to your website. LinkedIn has become the number one spot for manufacturing and distribution companies, with around 75% of the companies they wish to target, being on LinkedIn in some format. With approximately 722 million users, the impact of the backlinks from LinkedIn to your website cannot be underestimated.

Allotts will then share the publicity you get on social media, and this can be shared in your own newsletter too, ultimately generating new leads and sales opportunities. And so the publicity cycle begins again!

LinkedIn publicity is included as standard in Allotts 2021 Combi Package, a structured PR campaign, which includes 12 PR articles a year, two in-depth feature articles, a press and internet cuttings service including quarterly bound copies, and a publicity guarantee, as part of a fixed price retained package.

Using 360-degree marketing with Allotts, there’s no need to use multiple agencies for digital or traditional PR offerings. Allotts provides all these services and more under one roof. Get in touch to discover the range of packages we offer to suit all marketing needs. We also offer bespoke marketing solutions, so there’s something to suit everyone.

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