B2B Search Engine Optimisation

Increasing your organic traffic and Google rankings

Business-to-business search engine optimisation, or B2B SEO for short, involves making your website and content marketing ‘search engine friendly’.

And it’s something your business needs. Why? Because it ensures that your website and online marketing efforts get in front of the people who are actively looking to buy your products and services.

B2B marketing is all about one business buying from another. Business to consumer (B2C) is about consumers buying from a business. The SEO basics are the same – with some key differences that you need to address for success.


What’s the difference with B2B SEO?

The big difference with B2B SEO is your audience. The sales funnel in B2B is more complicated because the B2B buyer decision-making behaviour is different.

B2B companies need to be VISIBLE online at each stage of the buyer journey and because the sales funnel is more complex that means there are a ton of search terms prospects use to find suppliers. So, keyword research is crucial.

You need to create a site and content that is optimised for your audience and their intent and actually pushes them through your sales funnel.

We create successful B2B SEO strategies that speak to your niche target audiences. Understanding your business goals, markets and audiences, conducting thorough keyword research, and creating optimised websites and content that demonstrates your expertise, builds brand awareness, instils confidence, and converts.

Always remembering that people buy from people – we’re talking to people not machines.

Our B2B SEO services include technical, content, on and off page SEO including:

  • Competitor analysis
  • B2B SEO strategy and delivery
  • Keyword research
  • Website and content creation and optimisation
  • Image and video optimisation
  • SEO content strategy
  • SEO audit
  • Promoting content
  • Backlink strategy
  • SEO updates

And we use specialist marketing tools to analyse what is working for you and to adapt the strategy where needed. Because once your strategy is active you need to ensure you keep it going.


Talk to our B2B SEO experts today about how we can create a strategy that works for your business.